Return to the Valley of the Dead King (Pre-order)

Return to the Valley of the Dead King (Pre-order)

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Return to the Valley in this expansion pack. Like the Forests of Adrimon expansion, you’ll find all new rules for the 1 vs. All play style and a ton of new content tucked inside!

  • Gain 3 new Roles and 7 new Races
  • Gain 12 new Traits to enhance your heroes
  • Add extra cards to each of your VotDK decks
  • 4 new terrifying Bosses appear
  • Gain Legendary Items & Allies
  • Gain all new Shrine & Black Market Items
  • Gain the ability to enter and explore Undervalley
  • Play as the Dead King against the heroes

HEXplore It® is a hero building adventure board game. Enter a realm teeming with fantasy creatures, heroes and villains.

Select your hero by combining two character options: your Role and Race. Your Role is your profession and your Race is your heritage and species. This combination drives your Hero's strengths, weaknesses and defines their special abilities. You'll use dry erase markers to keep track of your hero's strength.